Film Production & Distribution

We believe every film deserves to be original and high-quality...

Entertainment is now daily discipline that we all must follow to be happy, healthy and wealthy. Films are not just fun it is a big medium to showcase the extreme creativity for worldwide platform. From an idea is born to a well grown film ready to exhibit, it’s a challenging process but to win at the end. Today not only silver screen but in this digital age there are other innovative platforms where many tunes of film making are appreciated globally, we are making celluloid films, producing and distributing since 2007. Now we have also opened the door for web series, tv shows, short films, documentaries, originals, music videos and many more. So trust us for heart melting, giggling and laughing and full of life recreation for your daily schedule.

WELLDONE is a productive film and video production company based in MD. We’re filmmakers since two decades who know how to create effective content for films, online and television. We believe every video deserves to be original and high-quality. That’s why we create something unique for every brand we work with. Most importantly we create films that get lots of views and high-engagement.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.